Paola Biancalana


I use to live and work on an old farm, in a silent, green, unspoiled valley. Love to experiment with materials and firings, and preferably use a self built wood kiln.

Trained in the lab. Giocare con l’arte at the Ceramic Museum in Faenza, I teach both courses for kids, based on Bruno Munari didactics, and professional training Giocare con l’arte for teachers.

My ceramic work is mainly inspired by tradition, although i woud never give up to research and experimentation;

I produce household objects (teapots, jugs, cups, vessels and so on) as well as decorative ones (tiles, chimneys etc.) and  art  objects.

After a couple of summer schools with Nino Caruso  I use to do some work at Luigi Bernasconi’s, who leads  a hand made brick factory in Castel Viscardo

I like making terracotta whistles which you can see in various museums, i was lucky for being taught making them by Carlo Luciani, who was a great potter in my village,  and i won many awards for them .